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Our Member Cars

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Jan Abbot
1961 Ermine White Monza coupe



Scott Abrahamson
1961 Ermine White Monza coupe



Brenda Baxter
1965 Green Monza convertible



Dan Baxter
1965 Blue Monza convertible



Jim Bengiovanni
1965 Crocus Yellow Corsa coupe



Jim Bengiovanni
1966 Ermine White Monza convertible



Lionel Bernard
1964 Purple Monza coupe



Gary Bissonnette
1965 Yellow Monza coupe



Ray Bombardier
1962 Tuxedo Black Monza coupe



Steve Boyden
1969 Orange Monza modified coupe



Gerri-lyn Boyden
1963 Monza Autumn Gold sedan



1961 turquoise/white Greenbrier



Buddy Brennan
1964 Ember Red Monza coupe



Jim Burns
1966 Cameo Beige Monza convertible



Steve Burns
1965 Evening Orchid Corsa convertible



Jason Cesana

1964 Blue Monza sedan



Dave Clark
1969 Modified Monza coupe



Brian Crocco
1963 Gold 700 Series coupe



Chuck Cromwell
Volkswagon bug w/Corvair engine



Pete Cuipenski
1966 Lemonwood Yellow Monza sedan
For Sale!



George DeValk
1965 Tuxedo Black Monza convertible



Mark Edmonds
1966 Aztec Bronze Corsa coupe



Tom Fiske
1960 Horizon Blue 700 series sedan



Jim & Linda Forgey
1964 Turquoise/White Greenbrier Deluxe



Kevin Gaudette
1961 Roman Red Lakewood



Jay Green
1965 Blue Monza coupe



Cameron Guillou
1964 Ermine White 700 Series sedan



Cameron Guillou
1965 Gold 500 Series coupe



Jon Guinard
1965 Ermine White Monza sedan



Jedd Hall
1965 Ermine White Monza sedan



Stephen Hanington
1965 Glacier Grey Monza sedan



Brad Hathaway
Corvair Powered Dune Buggy



Bob Haworth
1964 Ermine White Monza sedan



Todd Heimer
1964 Goldwood Yellow Monza convertible



Fred Jones
1965 Danube Blue Corsa convertible



Fred Jones
1965 Blue Corsa coupe



Boe Kalinoski
1967 Yenko Stinger Clone coupe



Jim Kenyon
1965 Tahitian Turquoise Monza convertible



Chuck Leonard
1964 Azure Aqua Monza convertible



Al Leu
Not your ordinary Corvair engine!



John Magno
1966 Willow Green Monza coupe



Ron Manwaring
1964 Palomar Red Syder coupe



Cathy McCafferty
"Kermit" 1960 Cascade Green sedan



Michael McCrary



Dave McMillan
1964 Desert Beige Monza sedan



Ed Morse
1965 Glacier Gray Corsa convertible



Ed Morse
1963 Azure Aqua/White Rampside



Paul O'Shaughnessy
1965 White Monza convertible
For Sale!



Fred Palmer
1964 Ember Red Rampside



Carol Quinlan
1964 Monza sedan



Peter Roca
1968 Grotto Blue Monza convertible



Lou Rowman
1963 Ember Red Monza convertible



Tom Russ
1969 Tuxedo Black Monza coupe



Bob Sedani
1965 Tahitian Turquoise Monza coupe



Dave Silvia
1966 Olympic Gold Corsa coupe



Steve Burke
1965 Custom Blue Monza convertible



Paul Silvia
1969 Regal Red Monza coupe



Steve Silvia
1969 Butternut Yellow Monza convertible



John Teixeira
1965 Crocus Yellow Corsa convertible



Bob Tierney



John Wingle
1969 Glacier Blue Monza coupe


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