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August 2007            

A Word From The President
Due to lack of interest and the great possibility of rain we have cancelled this month's gathering. We will see everyone in September, at the Bennington Car Show, Sept. 15 & 16. Regards,


There will be a GTO show at Saratoga Raceway 9/2. Contact Steve Ruggles, if you are interested.

For Sale $300 1964 red Monza convertible. 6 cyl, auto, 2 hubcaps. The car's been sitting since 1973, the last time it ran. It was indoors most of the time since then, it used oil before being parked. Some rust, interior is ok. 91k. Registration but no keys. Rensselaer (518) 432-6231 Bud.

Walt Newellís story

In the spring of 1973 I decided I wanted a convertible to drive for the summer. After some thought, I said to myself, a Corvair should be a good investment, they donít make them anymore. Right!

I found this 65 convertible in the back of the used car lot at the local chevy dealer. $150.00. What a deal. I drove it home. About a week later,I realized the engine was VERY weak. A friend worked for the chevy dealer and got me parts at a huge discount. Can you believe; I rebuilt that engine for about $500. That was 1973.

People started bringing me Corvairs for free. Nobody wanted them at that time. I had 10 at one time. Then we decided to move. I kept the one I was driving and the Corsa convertible. Eventually the car developed serious rustitus and was put out of itís misery. I kept the engine and put it in a 66 coupe with PG that my wife drove for about a year. My son tried to use it for a bulldozer. Time for replacement. Back to pickup trucks.

All this time the Corsa had been sitting neglected. I decided it was time to get at it. It took about 2 years to redo, and it looked great. We drove it a lot of miles, to Corvair shows around the country. I then decided it would be nice if my wife had a Corvair to drive. The 4 speed was too much for her. I bought what looked like a fairly rust free coupe with powerglide. Rust has a way of hiding out. This job only took 3 years. It looked beautiful in itís maroon paint, and we won some trophies. The Corsa had to be repainted after about ten years, due to paint pealing.

Then the infamous Hadlock Pond dam failure struck. I was not ready for that. Here we are, 2 years later, cleaned up and ready to hit the road again.

Letís hear your story!


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