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August 2009            

Hello everyone

This year's club picnic at Moreau was a great one. Friends, family, food and fun were the theme. The weather cooperated and we stayed high and dry. The lucky winners of our 50/50 raffle were Jerry & Diane.
I would like to thank everyone in attendance for their contributions of great appetizers, salads and desserts. My special thanks to Carol and Maggie for assisting my cooking efforts and helping set things up.
September is around the corner as is the Bennington, VT car show on Sept 18, 19, 20. Our planed meeting is still under consideration. I will advise as soon as I firm up the details. A Buffet meeting has been suggested.
October is the Fall foliage tour, November is Thanksgiving and then it's Christmas party time (elections).

Enjoy the rest of the summer,
Still your President

The following members were in attendance. Peter, Carol and Maggie Callesano, Dick & Kriss Tullock, Steve and Sherri Ruggles, Skip and Lori Rich, Jerry and Diane Thomas, Bruce and Pat Carlton, Jim and Monica Stewart, Walt and Jean Newell, Neil Rose, Russ and Irene Kiggins showed up in their bright red 60. We havenít seen them in a few years. Thanks for coming.

We always have a good turn out at our picnic. Do you think itís Peterís cooking, or all the good food? Something to ponder, eh?

Neil Rose brought a trunk load of used parts with him. Some Corvair, some not. Some found a new home.

The Adirondack Nationals car show in Lake George. Sept. 13 & 14.

Chef Peter doing the burgers!

Chef Pierre

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