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Dec. 2008            


Dear Members:

I remain your President for another year by default, as do all the other officers. "If it isn't broke don't fix it."

Our Christmas party was full of fun and food. Someone even brought wine this year. In attendance were me, Carol and Maggie, Bob Addis, Bruce and Patti Carlton, Chris Glander, Walt and Jean Newell, Neil Rose, Steve and Sherri Ruggles, Jerry and Diane Thomas and our fantastic hosts, Dick and Chris Tullock. Sadly Hilda Groesbeck was unable to attend due to an illness. We all wish her a speedy recovery. Harold and Cindy suffered a power outage from the ice storm and were unable to make it as well.

Plans are in the works for 2009 and as usual our first meeting will be in February, unless any member has any ideas for a January get together.

Well that puts a lid on 2008. I wish you all a very happy and healthy holiday season.
President for Life

Editor’s note.
While relaxing , after snow shoveling, which I am getting tired of, I found some good reading. Us people that get the communiqué from Corsa got to read about Bruce Carlton’s interesting day at the races at Summit point. You can also go on the internet at and read it. Bruce’s name is always near the top of the list for fast times. This was a NECC event, open to “corsa” members. Also in the same magazine is an article about putting a corvette “LS1” engine in a corvair. Interesting.  
     I was leafing thru my latest copy of “classic car”, which is dated Feb.09. Hmmm. Anyway there is a picture of Joe Doyle and his 1941 ford woody. Joe is one of the people behind the “gathering of old cars” at Mills Mansion. He is also the head honcho on the show field at the Rhinebeck car show. A very nice 4 page article with pictures.
    A few pages later is a picture of a 62 monza wagon owned by Mark Bashara of Lanesborough, Mass. Very extensive write up and well done with pictures.
    See the happy party goers below. Who’s that getting more food? Of course there was plenty of food.
     Let’s hear some ideas for gatherings next year.

Club members at this year's Christmas Party

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