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February 2007            

A Word From The President

I would like to take thus opportunity to thank all who have served and have been members our fine Corvair Club during the past year. I am proud and excited to be chosen as your new President and will do all that I can do to carry on the traditions of the club. I do plan on some changes which should make the club meetings more fun, informative and the dates more flexible.

A little about me and Corvairs. My love for the Corvair began in 1969, when my father replaced my first car, a 1959 Chevrolet Impala with a 1962 Monza Coupe. I drove this little beauty all through my senior year of high school. to my prom and then to my graduation ceremony. The car never let me down. I continued to drive my Vair until it's untimely demise, October 1970. A reckless driver destroyed the entire front end by running a red light. It was devastating, I was told that it wasn't worth repairing. My heart was broken as I truly enjoyed that car.

It wasn't until June of 2002 when I was once again the proud owner of a Corvair. My 1964 Monza Coupe is my pride and joy and greatest possession. So much about me.

I would like to compile a booklet of short narratives or stories of each member's memories of their Corvairs. Just a few lines of a funny, interesting or emotional story. I would like to promote our club and see if the local newspapers would like to attend one of our events and feature our incredible Corvairs.

Anyway, Thanks,

See you all soon,



Some Miscellaneous Info.........

Steve Ruggles checked out the 76 Diner in Latham and set it up for our meeting there for 18 Feb at 2 PM. It's about a half mile south of the Latham traffic circle on Rt 9 on the right. I need a headcount so I can tell 76 Diner how many. Remember dues for the new year are due. Welcome new members Diane and Jerry Thomas from Greenwich. Their email address is Those of you who were up to PJ's the last couple of years remember meeting them with their 64 Monza convertible ; they also just got a 66 Corsa convertible which hasn't run since 1977. Interesting project. There are lots of guys here who can give advice.


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