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Feb. 2009            


  There is no message from the President , this month. I think he went south, after Saturday on the ice. I couldn’t find much news about the winter carnival. I think the newspaper is boycotting them. I know Bruce crashed because some one got crossways in front of him. Strange things happen on the ice. Steve and Carl Boyd have come up with a day at the “sugar house”, to get rid of the “cabin fever”. Hi Gang! I guess the plans are pretty well finalized for the Maple Weekend (March 22nd) visit. In looking at where everyone is coming from, there doesn't appear to be a "central location" to meet at except Salem itself, and I have no idea what might be "open" there on Sunday. I would recommend anyone who has internet access (I suppose that means everyone reading this!) go to their website ( and use the form at the bottom of the page. You don't need anything except a starting address, city, or zip code and you'll get precise directions. It’s fairly simple. You go to the only traffic light in Salem, go east, towards Vermont on Rte 253, watch for “Chambers Rd” on the right. The schedule is for us to have "breakfast" (pancakes, sausage, beverage) & meeting at 1:30 pm and then take a sleigh ride tour of sugaring. $5 covers all. If you want to tour before the breakfast meeting you can, starting at 10 am. If there is anything I've forgotten, drop Carl an email..... Please let Carl or Peter know if you expect to come. See you on the 22nd.

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