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January 2007            

A Word From one of our Officers

Greetings All. Our annual Christmas party/ elections meeting was held on Sunday Dec. 10, at the Rexford Fire House. If you were not there, you should have been. As usual, there was way more food than we could eat. We again have to thank Kris and Dick Tullock for the use of the fire house.

We have some changes in our slate of officers for the coming year. Peter Callesano is our new president, Harold Bassett is Vice President, Walt Newell will be Secretary and news letter editor, and of course, who but Steve Ruggles, is still treasurer.

We did do a little business. Very little. It was voted on to donate $50.00 to the Rexford Fire Co. Also to give $25.00 to Kris for supplies she had to buy. Our next meeting will be Feb.18, unless we come up with a better plan.

NOTICE Dues will be due as of Jan.1 2007.

The following people were present at the party. Steve & Sherri Ruggles , Bruce & Pat Carlton , Walt & Jean Newell , Dick & Kris Tullock , Neil Rose , Hilda Groesbeck , And guests Bob and Arlene Dalrymple. Harold & Cindy Bassett were home fighting a cold. Callesano’s were swimming.

Upcoming event, if there is enough ice. Vintage car racing on the ice on lake George. Feb 24 & 25.



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