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July 2009            

A Word From The President


Dear Members:

I did not make it to the Manchester or Schoharie car shows I was hard at work planning the club picnic. Carol and I visited Moreau State Park and I am happy to report that we were able to reserve the same pavilion we enjoyed last year. The picnic will be held Sunday, August 9 as this was the earliest time available for a pavilion.

As has been the practice in the past each member family should plan to bring their own beverage of choice and a dish to share. The club will be paying the cost of renting the pavilion and maybe more. I am proposing that the club fund the picnic hot dogs, burgers, etc. rather than the lunch/dinner at Mills Mansion as this event is attended by more members.

Please let me know what you think and I will beg Steve our treasurer for life. More picnic info to follow. Any ideas for July would be appreciated.



(Second letter)

We had a great time at Manchester. Weather was good both days, although we got wet going home Saturday evening and sprinkled on some on Sunday. Not as many Corvairs as some years. We were the only CDCC member on Saturday, and Skip & Lori Rich joined us on Sunday. Walt was there as a vendor and we "met" at his display. I think he took notes. No decisions were made and you are still safe in the position of President for Life!! Ist place went to Paula(?) & John Ellsworth from North Creek with a yellow Corsa, 2nd place to a very nice 62 Monza Convertible (white w/ Black top) owned by a nice couple from Maine. and 3rd to a original, barn find, sport sedan owned by a nice young man and his Dad from Vermont. He was most excited to have won and we were pleased for him. He has been working on the car and had lot's of question for other owners. We took pictures and I will forward them to you thru Kodak. Use any you wish. Diane & Jerry

(Third Letter)

JULY 2009 - MESSAGE FROM THE PRESIDENT Dear Members: The car show at Blenheim was fantastic this year. Congratulations to Dick Tullock who took second place in his division. White gloves make all the difference.
The picnic is on August 9 at Moreau Lake State Park at same covered pavilion as last year. Moreau Lake is easy to find take exit 17 south off the Northway( I-87) and the park entrance will be on the right. I will be there to set things up around 11 A.M. look for the club banner ( if Jerry remembers to bring it).
The club will be providing the pavilion, hot dogs & hamburgers & buns. Carol and I will be bringing charcoal, table cloths for the picnic tables, condiments and a salad to share. Each member family should bring there own plates, utensils, napkins, beverages and something such as an appetizer, salad or dessert to share. Last year we had approximately 30 in attendance and I expect at least the same this year. Please let me know if you will be there and what you plan to bring. I will update everyone so we have a nice variety of appetizers, sides and desserts.
I hope to see everyone ( Corvairs are optional) at the picnic. Regards, Your hungry President Peter
We had a good turnout today at Blenheim-Gilboa Schoharie Valley Car Show, with seven Corvairs showing up, four from our club (Calisano, Tullock, Ruggles, Rose) and a fifth if we can get Albert Ellis back in. Dick Tullock took second in Class (65-73), first being a gorgeous Buick Riviera.


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