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March 2008            

A Word From The President

Dear Members:
We had a wonderful lunch meeting at The Ripe Tomato. We have had some suggestions for future meeting venues and some of our members are doing some research. As for meeting this month. We had some interest in visiting a maple sugar processing house for breakfast. A great idea that may have to wait as the dates are limited. With Palm Sunday & Easter Sunday coming early this year it may not be possible to meet this month. We are open to ideas and suggestions. If you have any let me know.
Happy Spring,

Members present at the meeting: Peter, Carol, and Maggie Callesano, Harold and Cindy Basset, Jerry and Diane Thomas, Steve and Sharri Ruggles, Dick and Kris Tullock, Walt and Jean Newell, Carl Boyd, Neil Rose Albert Ellis, Lew Granger. Those darn LONG tables make it hard to visit but, we had a good lunch. No corvairs showed up.
I got an email from “Manchester and the Mountains Chamber of Commerce”. The web site for this year’s car show is up. They will be adding to the info as the show gets closer. You can register for the show now. Go to
I was walking thru J.C. Penny’s today and lo and behold, there were ladies bathing suits on sale. I immediately thought, “ hey, time to get the corvair out”. Well, maybe not right now but, we can start thinking about it anyway. I’ve still got a foot of snow in front of my garage. I think the car is in there, I haven’t been able to get close enough to look.
Don’t forget, Rhinebeck car show is May 3 & 4.




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