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Mar. 2009            


Dear Members:

Our club meeting at the Dry Brook Sugar House was "sweet". Thanks are extended to Carl Boyd for making the arrangements and to all in attendance.

We enjoyed a delicious pancake and sausage meal with fresh maple syrup. Unfortunately the planned horse drawn wagon ride was canceled due to an accident which occurred just as we arrived for our tour. We did get to see the equipment used to process the sap into syrup though.

It was nice to see Jerry & Diane's Corvair as well as Steve & Sherri's in attendance. The weather is warming up and we all hope to be driving our cars soon.

The plan for the April 26th meeting and get together is a tour of the USS Slater which is docked on the Hudson River in Albany with a lunch/dinner to follow. Please see the below attachment for a full description and information about the ship. I will try to arrange a group discount if possible. Please let me or Walt know if you will be there. We should be able to bring our Corvairs as parking at the pier is located in a protected lot.

As we get closer to the event I will update the time and place for lunch, maybe the Miss Albany Diner.

That's all for now.
President CDCC

USS Slater - - To view, click HERE and go to the link "Visit Us" as well as other links of interest!

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