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November 2007            

A Word From The President

The editor says HUH!?

Have you ever had one of those Huh? Moments?

I was reading the “Autos” section of the Albany Times Union, last Thursday, and there it was. Perhaps some of you others saw it too. Anyway, there’s an article titled” ABCs of getting your car winter-worthy”. The first sentence is “Danica Patrick, Indy Car Series sensation offers the ABC’s of making your car ready for winter”. HUH!? Danica Patrick cares about my car being winter ready? Really? Now if it said, any of the women in our club care about a car being winter ready, I might say , OK lets hear it. Jeff Gordon? Maybe. But Danica Patrick?

The article went on about the usual keeping your gas tank half full, and keeping your tires inflated properly and keep your washer fluid full and anti freeze checked out. Danica learned to drive in the Midwest, so she can give us some pointers, I guess. If you guys don’t know how to take care of your car by now, we failed.

Our next meeting is on Nov. 25 at the “Kobe Buffet” on Rte 9 in Latham. About 2:00PM. Please let Peter or Walter know if you plan to attend by the 21st, as we need a people count.

Welcome to our newest member; Albert Ellis from Gloversville. He has 3 corvairs.

Some club members went to the “Gathering of old cars” at Mills Mansion in Staatsburg. The weather was great and there was a good turnout, Harold and Cindy Basset with the 62 coupe, Steve and Sherri Ruggles with the 66 covert. Peter Callesano with the 64 coupe,Neil Rose with the 64 Convert. Neil’s friend brought along a DeSoto, which is an “orphan car” also.

Walt Newell, Secretary

At the Gathering of Old Cars


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