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Nov. 2008            


Dear Members:

We had a fantastic luncheon/meeting at The Kobe Buffet, Sunday, November 23. We had my Covair in attendance and almost had Steve and Sherri's. Steve had a rear tire go flat when his suspension failed and rubbed a hole in it. A nice winter project for Steve, I suspect.

It's Christmas party time again. This year's party will be held on Sunday, December 14 at the Rexford Volunteer Fire House on Route 146 in Rexford (same location as the last few years). Once again Chris and Dick Tullock have graciously volunteered to host the event. Please let Chris know what food item or dessert you will be bringing to share with the rest of our hungry members. Chris' email is or her telephone number is 399-0666.

As has been the tradition at all our Christmas parties, our grab bag gift exchange. If you would like to participate in the exchange of a grab bag gift, simply bring a wrapped gift with a suggested value of $10 or so to the party. Remember to label it, male or female so it can be properly exchanged.

On a personal note. I am proud to have been President of the club for the past two years and club secretary for a few years before that. I would like to thank all the officers and members for their participation in what is a very unique and special club. We vote for new officers at the Christmas party. It's time for CHANGE.


Members present at the Kobe Buffet: Peter & Carol Callesano ,Walt & Jean Newell, Dick & Kriss Tullock, Steve & Sherri Ruggles, Neil Rose, Chris Glander.

FREE CORVAIR has been sitting outdoors for a LONG time. 1960 or 61? Call Dick Tullock if interested.

Happy Holidays


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