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October 2008            

A Word From The President

Hello Members:

The second annual fall foliage tour hosted by Walt and Jean Newell was great this year. Although few leaf colors were showing, the trip through the Adirondack Mountains proved to be quite enjoyable. We had a total of seven fine Corvairs in our convoy. All the Corvairs shined nicely in the parking area of Fort Ticonderoga. We will post some photos as they become available. We had our meeting and all enjoyed a fabulous free lunch sponsored by the club, Carl Boyd and Walt & Jean Newell. A special thanks to Carl for his donated tools and to Walt and Jean for selling them. The remaining proceeds of the sale will be donated to charity.

Our next club event will be Sunday, November 25. We will be having a luncheon/meeting at the Kobe Buffet, on Route 9, Latham. I will try to arrange a discount with the buffet. Please let me know if you can attend as I will need to make the reservation before November 21st. More details will follow.

The Mill's Mansion Car Show is still on for October 21st. If anyone is interested in going as a club group of Corvairs, please let me or Walt know.

I wish everyone a great Thanksgiving celebration. I am thankful for my Covair and our club!

Sincere Regards, Peter

Thanks to all the people that participated in the foliage tour. Steve and Sherri Ruggles, Dick and Kriss Tullock, Harold and Cindy Basset, Jerry and Diane Thomas, Peter and Carol Callesano, Walt and Jean Newell and Lew Granger. During our short meeting, Peter mentioned, he would like to have a “tech session”, sometime during the winter. Think about it. Thanks to Diane Thomas for the pictures. She posted several on her “ Kodak photoshare site”. Yes, Diane, that was a good shot.

Touring Adirondack Hills

Club members gathered at Fort Ticonderoga


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