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Oct. 2009            


The 2009 CDCC foliage tour was a success. The weather was cool but sunny all day. No one broke down and no fan belts came off.

Dick & Kriss Tullock, Jerry & Diane Thomas, Steve & Sherri Ruggles, Harold & Cindy Basset, Walt & Jean Newell, Lew Granger and Jim Dimarzio left the mc donalds at exit 18 about 10:30. We traveled north to Hadley, Stoney Creek, Thurman and eventually to Gore Mountain. The “Gore mountain Fall fest” was in progress. We hung around there using the Bathrooms and checking out the vendors wares and the various activities. Some of us rode the gondola up the mountain and back.

We left there about 1:30, went west to Rte 30, south thru Wells to Northville, then across the Sacandaga Lake, down the East shore and wound up at “Kristels Lodge”, where we met Carl Boyd, for late lunch. The food was great.

We did have a brief meeting. Corsa has assessed CDCC $50. because we do not have 100% “corsa” membership. It was voted on to have Steve Ruggles send the $50. and stay in good standing with corsa. There was 1 NAY vote.

We authorized Kriss Tullock to again reserve the Rexford fire co. kitchen and meeting room for our Christmas party. The date of the party is Dec. 13. Sherri Ruggles suggested that instead of our gift exchange, we collect the money and donate it to a charity. We all thought that was a good idea. Could you all give us some feedback?

Tour group gathering at Gore Mountain

Club meeting at Gore Mountain

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