Our Corvairs!

These Corvairs are owned by the individual club members. For additional information you can contact them if an email link is provided.....

Our Club's #1 Trophy Winner!

Dick Tullock's red 1965 Corsa has won trophies at Hildene, Bennington, Gilboa as well as at other shows in the northeast. It continues to be one of the club's top show cars.

What an ideal 1964 family car looked like

Peter Callesano's blue 1964 Monza Coupe has been beautifully maintained. Peter and Carol can be reached at Magcar17@aol.com.

A true original classic, expertly maintained!

Harold and Cindy Bassett's Roman Red 1962 Monza Coupe is an entirely original car from the paint to the engine. Harold can be reached at coupe62@aol.com

Kris has left Gumby, her chauffeur, to show her '66 Monza!

Kris Tullock's green 1966 Monza convertible is a classic beauty, but somehow just doesn't seem to replace the new kitchen she had been looking forward to......
Kris can be reached at KittyKatKris@msn.com

Russ's restored ugly duckling!

Russ Kiggins brought this 1960 "700" sedan back from certain destruction, and the story is featured on the "Russ Kiggin's Restoration" web page. You can reach Russ by mail at 397 West Rd., Fort Ann, NY 12827-5407.

A beautiful sight in the driveway!

Diane and Jerry Thomas' Daytona Blue 1964 Monza Convertible is a return to Diane's first car love since just after high school. They can be seen cruising the fresh air on the roads of Washington County and beyond.

A nice reliable second car for the Bassetts

Harold and Cindy Bassett's Aztec Bronze 1966 Monza Convertible is Harold's current project. Although it's a very good car, Hal is working hard to make it a real show winner! Harold can be reached at coupe62@aol.com

Walt's 'youngster', his 1968 Monza Coupe

Walt and Jean Newell's 1968 Cordovan Maroon Monza Coupe can be seen at show all over the Northeast. It is one of several club cars vying for top honors over the years.

Trying to bring back the days of youth!

Carl Boyd's blue 1966 Monza Convertible is equipped with front and rear spoilers, but don't let that fool you into thinking it is a racing machine! It is strictly a pleasure "cruiser". Carl can be reached at carlgboyd@att.net

A hot little convertible has joined the club!

Diane and Jerry found this '66 Corsa Turbo Convertible and have begun a complete restoration of the car. They are excited about it becoming the powerful beauty again that it was 40 years ago.

In Memoriam of a deceased and missed member.

Ben Terwillegar and his son virtually "built" this beautiful '66 Corsa from 2 "junkers". Sadly Ben passed away in February of this year. We will miss a real craftsman!

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