Picnic at Thatcher Park

The annual picnic was really a teaser! First the weather promised rain, rain, rain. Then the roads going up the mountains were under construction and the detours were barely marked. Once we were set up, no one knew for sure whether we had cooking facilities or not since the park's firepits were pretty bad and no one had brought fuel anyway. (Did someone really say Corvairs never needed grilles?)

After enjoying the meal, it was time for the Business Meeting!

However, it turned out to be a great picnic. Everyone found their way; we remembered that Walt and Mary LeClaire had offered to bring their gas grill; the rain was nowhere to be seen (yet), and we had a really large crowd including several guests. The delicious food was brought out and shared by all, and there seemed to be more left over than was originally brought!

A short meeting was held while many of us tried seconds of desserts and fruit, making the spirit of the discussions pleasant indeed!

After the festivities, the rain finally caught Kris and Dick Tulloch who discovered that it's best to stop and put up the convertible top rather than hope to out run Mother Nature!

Thanks to Hal and Judy Magida for pulling off such a success in spite of the threats.

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