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Marina Blue 1966 Turbo Corvair Coupe

Full Concours restoration. CORSA Concours d'Elegance Winner. This head turning car is turn key and just needs to be loved and driven. Asking $14,500.  

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Parts for Sale

4 Delco Guide rear lens 5958761
2 Delco Guide front lens 5956199
2Delco Guide front lens 5956200
4General Motors Corsa hub cap inserts number Gr5.871 3878322
4wheel aluminum well moulding s for 1966-1969 in GM wrappers
1196 rear aluminum grill cover
1late model speedometer cable for Corsa
1Atlas brand Oil filter new in the box.
1Shell Oil Oil Filter new in the box.
Window fuzies many in GM wrappers, mostly 65 to 69.
65mto 69 plastic gasket under shifter NOS in GM wrapper.
65 to 69 cove trim in GM wrapper all pieces.
65-66 Corsa trim in GM box Clarks #C76.
Brake cable in GM Wrapper Clarks #C469
65-69 Shift cable new in box, Clarks # C127
Tom has other parts - used and new parts including rubber parts and window fuzzies.
Tom will accept reasonable offers, use your Clarks Catalog as a guide.
Contact Tom at  or 585-621-8988



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