Corvairs of New Mexico


 I.      Name & Purpose

 1.        Corvairs of New Mexico (CNM) shall be a chartered chapter of the Corvair Society of America (CORSA).

2.        As a chartered CORSA Chapter, CNM shall be a leading example for and promote the preservation and enjoyment of all Corvair cars, trucks, related vehicles, and memorabilia.

3.        CNM shall publish a monthly newsletter and any other informational publications the CNM Board of Directors approves.

4.        CNM shall be empowered to acquire and sell real and personal property.

5.        CNM and its name shall not be associated with any commercial enterprise or business for commercial gain.

6.        CNM shall not, nor shall it be represented as to, associate with or engage in partisan politics.

7.        CNM is a non-profit corporation as defined and authorized by the U.S. Federal Government, Internal Revenue Code 501 (c), and the New Mexico State Corporation Commission (NMSCC).

                                a.        CNM is a 501 (c) (7) organization (Social and Recreation Clubs (Hobby Clubs))

b.       Federal Taxpayer Identification Number:  85-0300022

c.        NMSCC Authority Number:  1117001

  II.      Members, Dues and Newsletter

 1.        Any individual of good character who has applied for membership shall be designated a primary CNM member upon payment of the appropriate dues.

2.        All immediate family members of primary CNM members including children, until their 19th birthday or until age 23 if enrolled in college or another post-high school educational institution, shall enjoy all of the privileges and benefits of full membership in CNM.

3.        CNM members are entitled and encouraged to attend meetings and participate in all CNM activities.

4.        CNM members shall be entitled to vote, to hold office, and to participate in CNM events.

5.        All CNM elections shall be decided by a majority vote of CNM members present. Proxy votes are not allowed.

6.        The presiding CNM officer or designated official at any meeting does not vote, except in the event of a tie, at which time the presiding officer or official is empowered to cast a tie breaking vote.

7.        The dues for CNM membership shall be recommended by the CNM Board of Directors and approved by a vote of the CNM membership.  As with CORSA dues, two additional months membership are credited when CNM dues are paid two years at a time.

8.        CNM dues shall be charged for the calendar year beginning with the month of payment, and shall expire in the same month of the following year.     

9.        CNM Newsletters shall only be mailed to primary members.  The CNM Board of Directors, as described in paragraph III-1, shall approve any exceptions to mailing the CNM newsletter.


III.     Board of Directors, Officers and Newsletter Editor


  1. CNM shall be governed by a Board of Directors (BoD) to be comprised of officers, as described in paragraph III-5, and other members as appointed by the CNM President.


  1. The CNM BoD shall have general management authority over the affairs and property of CNM and shall perform all duties not otherwise designated by the CNM Constitution.


  1. At any CNM BoD meeting, a majority of the directors shall constitute a quorum, and decisions shall be made by a majority vote of directors present.


  1. The CNM President, or the CNM President’s designate, shall chair, as the presiding officer, all CNM BoD meetings.


  1. CNM officers shall be the President, Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer, to be elected annually by the membership, as scheduled by the CNM BoD.
  1. Vacancies in any official CNM position shall be filled by CNM Presidential appointment until the next election.


  1. Duties and Responsibilities of CNM Officers and Newsletter Editor.


a.        Duties and responsibilities of the CNM President:


·         Execute the office as the official and primary voice of CNM.

·         Represent CNM at CORSA and other CORSA Chapter activities.

o        The CNM President may draw a stipend, if authorized by the CNM BoD, to attend the annual CORSA International Convention.

·         Preside at all CNM meetings or designate an alternate.

·         Appoint all CNM committee chairs and other committee members.

o        CNM standing committees:

§         Membership

§         Merchandise

§         New Mexico Car Council Liaison

§         Awards

§         Sunshine

§         CNM Webmaster


b.       Duties and responsibilities of the CNM Vice President:


·         Assume the duties and responsibilities of the CNM President in the CNM President’s absence.

·         CNM social and activity planning.

·         CNM technical presentation scheduling and coordination.

·         Administration of the CNM Award Committee.

o        CNM Award Committee includes but is not limited to:

§         Ike Meissner Award Committee      

§         Francis Boydston Award Committee

Information on Awards to Ike Meissner & Francis Boydston Awards 

c.        Duties and responsibilities of the CNM Secretary:


·         Record, and make ready for publishing, the official minutes of any and all CNM meetings.

·         Maintain and manage all official correspondence for CNM, including, but not limited to, the annual CORSA Chapter Report.

·         Maintain the NMSCC report and any federal reports required.

·         Maintain, with the CNM Membership Chair, the CNM Membership Roster to ensure timely and accurate updates to be published by the CNM Newsletter Editor and made available, on a periodic basis, to the CNM membership.


d.       Duties and responsibilities of the CNM Treasurer:


·         Maintain CNM financial accounting.

·         Ensure that an alternate signatory, typically the CNM President, can access funds and perform duties in lieu of the CNM Treasurer, if necessary.

·         Collect and disburse all CNM monies.

·         Report financial status at CNM membership and CNM BoD meetings.

·         Provide an annual financial report summary, to be published in the CNM newsletter, following the annual election of CNM officers.


e.        Duties and responsibilities of the CNM Newsletter Editor:


·         Assemble, edit and publish and mail the CNM newsletter, in a timely manner, as to have it available to all members prior to the monthly CNM Membership Meeting.

·         Publish other official CNM information as requested and authorized by the BoD.


  1. Any and all CNM officials (officers, editor, BoD members and committee chairs) shall serve without remuneration.


  1. Any individual incurring authorized expenses on behalf of CNM shall submit documentation of their expenses to be entitled to reimbursement, subject to approval by the CNM BoD.


IV.       Meetings 

  1. CNM Membership meetings shall be held on the first Wednesday of each calendar month at a time and place designated by the BoD.
  1. CNM BoD meetings shall be held the third Wednesday of each calendar month at a time and place designated by the BoD.
  1. Special meetings for any official CNM activity or work shall be held at the discretion of the presiding individual.

 V.      Amendments 

  1. Proposed amendments to this Constitution shall be submitted to the CNM BoD, and if approved by majority vote, will be ratified by a vote of the attending membership.
  1. As a supporting, incorporated chapter of the Corvair Society of America (CORSA), Corvairs of New Mexico (CNM) members shall be required to be CORSA members, in advance or concurrently, to be eligible for membership in CNM, effective June 1, 1997. Exceptions for existing CNM members who are not CORSA members prior to June 1, 1997, are that they will remain CNM members in good standing as long as their CNM dues are current. Any lapse in CNM dues shall require those members to attain membership in CORSA to join CNM. Any CNM members who drop their membership in CORSA will be considered to have dropped their membership in CNM at the same time, requiring them to rejoin CORSA to rejoin CNM.
  1. General rewrite and update to this Constitution as approved by:
    1. Constitution Review Committee on May 16, 2004:

Committee Members: M. Domzalski, CNM President; B. Reider, CNM Past President; S. Zuercher, CNM Past President; L. Hickerson, CNM Member. 

    1. BoD unanimous approval on May 19, 2004:

CNM BoD: M. Domzalski, CNM President; S. Johnson, CNM Vice President; C. Vertrees, CNM Secretary; W. Walker, CNM Treasurer; J. Pittman, CNM Newsletter Editor; S. Gongora, CNM Past President.  

    1. General Membership majority vote on June 2, 2004

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