Rex  and Laura Johnson's mostly Original '69  Vert  and custom trailer

We bought 0441 '69 convertible on 1/2/94 with approx. 95,000 miles. It is an original 140hp 4 speed car and still has the original block though the heads have been changed. Other options include front and rear bumper guards, mag wheel covers, tinted glass front and sides, remote outside mirror, tele-column, clock, AM/FM radio and deluxe seat belts. The car now has approx. 235,000 miles about of which 35,000 of those were towing the trailer. The car appears stock but a few things have been changed although no wiring was cut and no holes were drilled. Things that were added and can be seen are the hitch (it is removable so that it can't be seen) and the brake controller. The trailer has electric brakes because when loaded the car and trailer are usually just over 5,000lbs with 1,500 on the trailer axle. Things that can't be seen are a CD player and the newest a GM electronic cruise control for those long trips. The smog system was missing when we got the car so I reinstalled it. The whole system is fully functioning including the carbs, dist. w/points, and the AIR pump. It runs great and gets good gas mileage. In CORSA convention econo-runs the car has placed 1st, 2nd (twice) and 3rd. The car is truly part of the family because we have been everywhere in it.

We have owned this car for many years and have attended most all National Conventions  and Western regional meets over the years.

My other utility trailer rolled a couple of revolutions after a car came into my lane on the way home from the '03 Fanbelt Toss. It was repaired but I thought about making a bigger one. I was talking about the options with my brother and he talked me into one made from a Corvair. The trailer started as a LA built wedding band '66 monza coupe that I had bought a few years earlier off of a local ad that said to leave your bid on an answering machine by a certain date. Rich Shepard bid $100.00 and I bid $115.00. Ten years a go I was cutting up the car and starting to piece it together. As far as building the trailer that will take allot more than 100 words so I will stop here. I am attaching a picture that we took on the way to Iowa and I like the way it looks. People are always taking pictures as we travel so if you would search I bet you will find some.

Laura and Rex