NECC Motorsports - High performance driving events brought to you by the Northeast Corvair Council since 1974.


NECC Motorsports ("NECC") conducts performance driving events for all makes and models of cars.  Our events include open track days, time trials, autocrossing, drag racing and more.  Our history goes back to 1974, when we conducted time trials for Corvairs at Lime Rock Park in Connecticut.  Corvairs?  On a race track?  You bet!  But you don't even need to own a Corvair to drive with us.  Several years ago, we opened up our track events to all other makes of cars.  Our starting grid often includes Corvettes, Porsches, Mazdas, Mitsubishis, Subarus, Nissans, Mustangs, Mini Coopers and just about every other kind of car.

Here is what will you find on our website!

Announcements - Info on our latest events!
What is NECC? - Answers about our organization.
Typical Meet - Daily Schedule of a typical NECC track event.
Rule Book - Rules for cars and drivers.
Testimonial - A personal story about the support you can expect from NECC.
Lap Times & Awards - Access to your laps times and scores.
Officers - Contact info for NECC officers & event directors.
Links to Tracks - Websites for tracks, hotels, etc.
Taste of the Track - Never been on the track before? Try this!

We also have a number of pages devoted to Corvair Stuff!

Corvair Classes - for NECC performance driving events
Corvair IS Class Calculator - Is your Corvair in "IS" or "SM"?
NECC Corvair Merchandise - Purchase historic NECC dash plaques, etc.
Corvair Links - Links to other Corvair-related websites.

What can I expect at an NECC event?

Check-out our "typical meet" and "rules" pages to see how we conduct time trials at places like Summit Point and Monticello.  And visit our "photo gallery" pages to the kinds of cars that run in our events!

Have a brochure or a flyer!

Click right here to download a copy of the NECC High Speed Events brochure!  A three-panel double-side page. (It's a pdf file).

Click right here to download a copy of the NECC High Speed Events flyer!  Single-side page for easy photocopying. (It's a pdf file).

Get on our mail list! Send your postal address to our registrar, John Ryall, at

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