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Corvair Classification System

NECC uses a two-step system for classifying Corvairs.

Primary Class: The first step is to determine the extent to which the car has been modified since it left the factory. This will determine the Primary Class of the car. The Primary Classes are Street Stock (SS), Improved Stock (IS), Street Modified (SM), Competition Class (CC), and Specialty Corvair (SC).

Secondary Class: The second step is determine the Secondary class for the car. Generally, the Secondary Classes are determined by the car's year of manufacture, horsepower, transmission, etc. For Time Trials and other high performance driving events on sports car racing circuits, the Secondary Classes are 1, 2, 3 and 4. For Drag Racing, the Secondary Classes are LM, LA, HM, and HA. (The codes are fully explained in the rule book linked right below).

For purposes of identification, a car's class is the combination of the primary and secondary designation, e.g. SS-1, SS-2, SS-3, and SS-4 for time trials, or SS-LM, SS-LA, SS-HM, or SS-HA for drag racing.

This two-step system is governed by rules provided in this online document:   Click HERE for NECC Corvair Car Classification Rules   This link will take you to a pdf file, so you'll need Adobe Acrobat Reader to open it.

Additional Rules & Instructions Applicable to Corvairs

Click HERE for NECC Rule Book. For Time Trials, Autocross & Drag Racing. Our rules for Time Trials will be in effect for all high performance driving events on sports car racing circuits.

Click HERE for recommended roll bar specifications for convertibles NOT equipped equipped with factory roll bars.
(Applies to open-top cars entered in high performance driving events on sports car racing circuits).

Click HERE for NECC's Refund Policy!

Click HERE for NECC transponder usage guide. (See Note)!  

Note:  NECC uses transponders for timing at some but not all sports car tracks.  Typically, we use stop watch timing for our time trials.  If the registration package is silent about timing methods, then you can assume we'll be using stop watches.


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