Parts Auctions!

Annual NJACE Parts Auction Staged by our amateur auctioneers, this indoor February event provides ample opportunity for NJACE members to get hot deals on Corvair parts plus a few laughs!

The NJACE Small Parts Auction is always a lot of fun because it gives us a chance to catch up with Corvair people from across New Jersey and Pennsylvania. The auctioneers, Bob Marlow and Brian O'Neill, provide ample entertainment with jokes ranging from bang-zoom to awful groaners as they hawk the many parts being offered for sale. And to top it off, the pizza lunch was free.

As is the case every year, it's impossible to predict the kinds of parts that will be offered, but there is always a good selection. And many of them go for prices that are way, way below those being charged by the big Corvair vendors. For example, at our 2014 auction, two pristine NOS Corvair gasoline tanks went for $175 and $170 apiece.  A pair of NOS '66-'69 rocker panel moldings sold for $150.  A beautiful NOS 1960 rear grill went for $125.  And a full set of four NOS '66-69 wheel well moldings went for a mere $90.  There were plenty of used parts that sold at bargain prices, too.

NJACE holds this event every winter, usually in February. If you have never been to one, you should consider going next year.

Here is how we conduct our auction.

All Corvair enthusiasts are welcome and invited!  Any and all Corvair items will be sold to the highest bidders.  You can set a minimum acceptable bid for your parts, or no minimum bid at all!  NJACE will collect a 10% commission on the sale of parts.  You may also donate items for the full benefit of the club.  All you need to bring is parts and/or cash, and a folding chair on which to sit. 

If you're selling, the best way to go is to organize your parts at home, so that you can quickly fill out the Lot Cards that will be used at the auction.  On the Lot Cards, you will identify yourself, the parts, and any minimum acceptable bid you wish to establish.  On the morning of the auction there will be time to set up your parts and tag them if you have not yet done so.  By organizing in advance at home, setup will be easier. 

If you don't want to be bothered tagging your parts and you just want to donate them to the club, bring 'em and we'll handle everything for you.  (Parts donations have typically been one of our club's largest fund-raisers each year.)

What kind of parts sell well?

Obviously, clean parts in good condition, parts that are less common, and new-old-stock parts.  Greasy, broken junk has little or no value, and the auction will prove this to you if you don't believe it.  Leave the bent, rusty, broken stuff at home. 

We encourage the selling of parts in "lots."  For example, sell an instrument cluster and a glove box door together, not as separate items.  And we discourage the selling of too many of the same thing.  For example, if you have six pairs of cylinder heads to sell, consider offering only one pair at the auction.  Once setup is complete, the auctioneers will start picking parts and auctioning them off.  Whatever is set for an item's minimum bid is will be the least bid accepted (and bids will be taken in even dollar amounts as to make bookkeeping easier).

If you're buying, you will have a Bidder Number which will be used to record your purchase whenever you're the successful bidder.  You'll receive your purchases on the spot, but you'll need to pay for them (by cash or check, cash preferred) before leaving.  For this reason we ask that you be prepared to stay for the full auction, so that the bookkeepers can record all the sales and tally the results without interruption. 

There will be a lunch break, and club will provide pizza and soda at no charge.  (Who said that there's no such thing as a free lunch?)  If you don't have any parts to sell come anyway -- there are always great bargains to be had and there are always plenty of laughs.  The auction is a great way to see a lot of unusual parts and enjoy the competitive bidding.  If you're looking for something in particular chances are good that you'll find it there.  The best part about the auction is a chance to get together with a great bunch of people. The auction is fast paced and a lot of fun.

Question: What else does NJACE do?

Answer: In addition to our annual parts auction, we conduct monthly breakfast meetings, tech sessions, road tours, and social events for our members.  We also publish a great monthly newsletter, the NJACE Fanbelt!

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