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Sometime, somehow... in the future...
Corvair takes to the water with a Corvair-powered boat launching at location to be determined.

Read more about the Corvair-powered boat in the October 1965 article from Hot Rod Magazine.

Some information on the Corvair-powered boat directly from the owner Llyod Ikerd:
"I found the Wayne 100 in Las Vegas through a lead I received at the Palm Springs Fan Belt Toss. I bought it there and brought it back to Long Beach. It appeared to have been in Kern County, California, for most of its life, but when the owner retired he took it to Arizona. The boat was registered in California, but the trailer was registered in Arizona. I had to re-register it here with a new hull number. Initially the hull is a Glaspar Avalon 17 foot. It is actually in excellent condition, and I had it detailed. It needs a windshield, as the one on the boat has about 3 cracks. I am in the process of locating one. Greg Peterson (Corvair Specialties) rebuilt the carburetors, as the rubber in them had deteriorated. After that, with a little coaxing, it started right up. One failing for the engine is that it does not have chokes on the carburetors. A little gas or starting fluid helps. It still needs some help to initially start until it is warm. My plan is to tow it behind my Greenbrier, which is currently in the process of a restoration. I plan to have them both at the Nationals in Ventura...the boat towed by the Greenbrier."