Tidewater Corvair Club
Southeastern Virginia

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TCC 2014 Elected Officers

President - John Gilliland jwg1701@cox.net

Vice-President - Keith Jones kkjonesemo@cox.net

Secretary-Treasurer - Anne Davis annie-bo@cox.net

Newsletter Editor - Dean Zawacki deanage5@hotmail.com

Activities Director - Steve Dunn pttydunn@yahoo.com

Historian - Hubert Smith a.k.a. "Smitty" mailto:vairologist@cox.net

Smitty is known as Mr Techwrench around here. Saying that he has done everything and seen everything Corvair seems to be an understatement. Smitty is an institution in Tidewater Corvair Club and CORSA. Smitty maintains only early model Corvairs and they seem to be primarily 1964's. "Spike", and the "64 wagon".