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Ruth Boxdorfer's 1964 Corvair Monza Spyder Nice 2 tone paint.

Mike Hall's 1962 Corvair Monza Spyder.

Richard Boxdorfer's Corvair Tow truck.

Joe Robbin's 1965 Convertible with A/C. Before and after shots -- more pictures at

Tim Mahler's 1964 Corvair Monza Convertible

Blake Berberet's 1966 Corvair Corsa with Fitch roof, 140hp

This is Art Jameson's Unique Corvair Spyder with wood panels.

And only slightly modified body panels.

Dick Moon's 1963 all original Sedan

Richard Boxdorfer's awesome 1965 Corsa Convertible, customized. That's Brian Nicholson presenting Richard with Best in Show, 1999


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