We Are... Facts About NJACE.

Question:  What is the New Jersey Association of Corvair Enthusiasts?

Answer:  Founded in 1970, we are a tax-exempt non-profit New Jersey corporation that caters to people who love Corvair cars and trucks.

Question:  What is the relationship between NJACE and CORSA?

Answer:  We are a chartered Chapter of the Corvair Society of America (CORSA).  Our Chapter Number is 074.

Question:  Is NJACE affiliated with any other organizations?

Answer:  Yes, We're one of the several CORSA chapters supporting the Northeast Corvair Council (NECC), a group that organizes high performance driving events at sports car racing tracks.

Question:  What else does NJACE do?

Answer:  We conduct meetings, presentations, technical sessions, car shows, road tours, swap meets, parts auctions and other social events for our members.  We also publish a great monthly newsletter, the NJACE Fanbelt! 

Question:  Where does NJACE meet?

Answer: NJACE has a variety of meeting locations, with at least one meeting every month. Click here for dates & locations of our upcoming events!

Question:  Does NJACE receive sponsorship from General Motors?

Answer:  No, NJACE receives no sponsorship from General Motors, Chevrolet Motor Division, or any other GM subsidiary.

Question:  How many people are members of NJACE?

Answer:  We currently have about 80 single & family members.