NJACE History

Two Corvairs passed each other during the morning commute each day.  The drivers waved to each other every time, in wordless solidarity at a time when the Corvair's public image was tarnished by the safety allegations.

It All Began in 1970....

Finally, the two drivers stopped and introduced themselves.  Their conversation turned quickly to the likelihood that there were more people like them, enthusiastic Corvair owners.  And so these two men, Dean Jaech and Joe Petrella, organized the New Jersey Association of Corvair Enthusiasts.

Dean chaired the first official meeting on June 30, 1970.  Thirteen persons attended.  Now membership stands at more than 80 member households. 

Along the way, NJACE aligned itself with CORSA, the Corvair Society of America, as CORSA's New Jersey Chapter.  NJACE became a founding club in the Northeast Corvair Council in 1974, and in 1984 NJACE was the host chapter for the annual CORSA Convention.

How is it that NJACE has lasted all these years and today remains a healthy organization with a full membership roll, a solid bank account, and a full activities schedule?  The answer is simply, "people."  The club is about the cars, but the members have made the club.

Our members love their cars but keep it in perspective.  No string-back driving gloves; no reverent talk of a far away city inhabited by supernatural craftsmen; no elaborate rituals over the car.  Just good clean fun, friendship, and respect for one another's tastes and efforts. 

From the NJACE 20th Anniversary Party.  Top:  NJACE Founders Dean Jaech and Joe Petrella.  Bottom:  Group photo of NJACE Members who attended the party.  Click on either of the photos for a larger image!  (Approximately 1 megabyte each).