The Performance Corvair Group conducts itself in accordance with a formal set of bylaws that provide guidance on the following topics:

Article I. Name and Address

     Establishes the name and address of the PCG.

Article II. Purposes of the Organization

     Education, documentation, and enjoyment.

Article III. Restrictions

     A non-political, non-partisan organization.

Article IV. Affiliations

     PCG is affiliated with the Corvair Society of America.

Article V. Membership and Dues

     Membership qualifications, dues, obligations, and removal.

Article VI. Officers

     Duties of the PCG President, Vice President, Secretary/Treasurer and Newsletter Editor.

Article VII. Committees

     Yenko Stinger Committee, Fitch Sprint Registry Committee, etc.

Article VIII. Meetings, Voting, and Activities

     Annual PCG Workshop and other meetings.

Article IX. Policies, Procedures, Rules of Order

     Guidelines for establishing operating policies and procedures.

Article X. Bylaws and Amendments

     Guidelines for updating and amending PCG bylaws.

Article XI. Dissolution

     Guidelines for dissolving the club and disposing of its assets.


Click HERE to obtain a copy of PCG's complete, official bylaws document. It will appear in your browser as a PDF file.