Welcome to the Performance Corvair Group (PCG) Web Site!

This is the official web site of the Performance Corvair Group (PCG).

PCG is one of several special interest chapters of the Corvair Society of America (CORSA), a non-profit organization that was incorporated to satisfy the common needs of individuals interested in the preservation, restoration, and operation of the Chevrolet Corvair.  Our mission is to:

    Encourage interest in and aid in the modification and operation of modified Corvair powered or bodied vehicles.

    Provide an environment in which members can expand their knowledge and common interest in Corvairs that have been modified to enhance performance. 

    Provide a means for gathering and publishing data documenting modifications for improving performance of Corvair-powered and Corvair-bodied vehicles. 

    Provide a friendly social environment in which members can appreciate and enjoy their Performance Corvairs.

Corvair Performance

Immediately after the Corvair was introduced in the autumn of 1959, aftermarket vendors began to offer special parts and kits for souping  them up.  Special camshafts, dual exhaust systems, quad carb kits, finned aluminum oil pans, camber compensators, and a host of other offerings were introduced almost immediately by EMPI, Offenhauser, Isky and others.  Corvairs began appearing in drag races, sports car races, salt flat time trials, rallies, and autocross events.  Although they were never considered muscle cars, they held a strange but powerful hold on a special breed of performance enthusiasts. 

By the mid-1960s, Crown Manufacturing and Kelmark were selling kits for installing small-block V8 engines in the back seat of late model Corvairs.  Don Yenko introduced the Yenko Stinger version of the Corvair and took on factory-sponsored racing teams at SCCA events. 

Today, the beat goes on.  Latter day vendors offer disc brake conversion kits, fuel injection kits, close-ratio transmissions, high-stall torque converters and more.  And Corvairs continue to appear at high-performance driving events across the USA.