News: Online Ads Are Back!

CORSA Classified Ads Are Back Online!

We have the Classified Ad pages back and running on the CORSA website.  CORSA Members can post an unlimited number of ads there for free!

Anybody can shop through our online classified ads, but to post an ad, you need to log-on our website. Would you like to be one of the first people to post a real live ad there?  If so, visit www.corvair.org, log in, click on "Classified Ads" menu item, and try it out!  Your ad will remain active for 90 days.

Online CORSA Classified Ads are in addition to the classified ads posted in the CORSA Communique magazine.  You can place ads in either or both places.

At this moment, we have some "dummy" ads on display, just to show you how your ad will appear.  Those ads for Tucker Torpedos and Tatra Streamliners are just for fun!  But there is a real ad out there for a lovely Corsa turbo coupe, and we're sure there will be more.  If you're a CORSA member and have something to sell, try it out!

Of course, there are some restrictions:   All classified ads must be strictly Corvair-related.  Please be polite at all times.  NO political thoughts or messages.  No posts with ALL CAPS (partial is okay).  We reserve the right to purge ads that do not meet these requirements.

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  • Allan V Lacki
    Allan V Lacki Sunday, 19 February 2017 09:30 Comment Link

    Don't be bashful. We are under the impression that the new Classified Ad pages are working just fine for you. If not, please leave a comment and let us know!

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