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Corvair Registry Instructions

Hello!   You have arrived at the Corvair Registry web pages.  Here is where we store information about individual Corvair cars and trucks.

Here Is How It Works:

If you logged-in to our website, use the navigation menu and hover your mouse over "Registry".  A sub-menu will appear with three links.  You've obviously selected the one that took you to this "Corvair Registry Instuctions" page.  Another of the links will take you to a "Search for a Corvair" page.  And the third one will take you to a "Add a Corvair" page.  That third link on the sub-menu will let you add your own Corvair to the registry.

If you have not yet logged into our website, you will see not see the third link.  So please log-in if you want to add your Corvair to the registry.

How Do I Log-In?

If you are a CORSA member, you already have a username and password for logging-in.  So go ahead and use them.  Log-in and the entire sub-menu will appear when you hover over "Registry".

If you are not a CORSA member, that's OK.  Simply register yourself for the website and we'll give you your own username and password.  (It's free and many of you have already done so!).

OK, I Need to Register Myself Before I Register My Corvair.  Now What?

If you are a CORSA member, skip this step.  But if you are not, we'd like to know a little bit about you before you enter data into our system.  That's why we want you to register yourself before adding cars into the registry

Click HERE to register yourself for the CORSA website.

How Many Corvairs Can I Register?

There's no limit!  Gather up the necessary information on each Corvair car or truck. VIN, Year, Model, Current Location, etc.  That will make it easy for you to fill-in the online registry form.  The vehicles in question need not be roadworthy.  You can even register Corvairs that have been sent to the crusher.