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Join Us for the Grand Opening of the New Corvair Museum!


May 18-20, 2018

Chevrolet Hall of Fame
Corvair Museum Annex
3635 US-36,
Decatur, Illinois


Friday... (May 18)
Car Show Prep
Corvair Discussions

Saturday... (May 19)
Swap Meet
Peoples Choice Car Show
Museum Ribbon Cutting
Fun activities
Catered Dinner

Sunday (May 20)
Swap Meet
Wrap up & Farewell


Early registration is $35 per person, and includes Museum Admission, Meals and Fun. (On-site registration is $45.)  Click here for the registration form that can be mailed in for early (discounted) registration.

More events being added as our first ever Corvair Preservation Foundation Show and Shine weekend evolves.

Event merchandise available,

Come and join us to celebrate the grand opening party dedicated to our new Museum.


For those of you staying over, we arranged special room rates here, at the Hampton Inn.

Hampton Inn
4855 E. Evergreen Ct.
Decatur, IL 62521
(217) 864-3297

Mention: Convention Code "COR" to get this discounted room rate:

Rate: $129 per night (plus tax) for:
One Regular King (up to 2 ppl)
Two Queen beds (up to 4 ppl)
*Free breakfast for each occupant


CORSA Introduces Tech Article Search Page

search form imageCORSA is pleased to introduce a Technical Article Search Pageavailable to both CORSA members and nonmembers. The articles are from CORSA's archive of Communiques and earlier CORSA publications, as well as newsletters from several Chapters. The search results provide hyperlinks to the original publications, and those from the early CORSA publications and chapter newsletters are available to the general public. CORSA wishes to thank the Corvanatics, Air 'Vair Group and and Arizona Corvair Club Chapters for allowing articles from their newsletters to be included.

Over 1700 articles are currently included, and more will be added in the future. The articles can be searched using a list of key words and/or by entering your own search words. And there are a variety of other search options that can be used.

Not a member of CORSA? Please consider joining CORSA to help support this and other projects and activities, receive many other benefits of membership, and have full access to all archived Communiques.


Corsa Convention Highlights - Economy Run

fuelGaugeThe CORSA International Convention includes a variety of events for owners to show off and drive their Corvairs. One of these is the Economy Run, a race for the best fuel mileage. Following an on-street course, drivers endeavor to get the best possible fuel mileage under actual road conditions. It is a test of both the vehicle and driver, encouraging safe and economical driving skill, and a fun opportunity for both seasoned and novice Corvair drivers. Starting the run with full fuel tank, the vehicle is driven a known distance over public roads and then the volume of gas needed to refill the tank is measured. The goal is to achieve the highest MPG within a vehicle category. What Fun!!

Want to know more? CORSA is happy to announce the availability of a new rulebook and operating procedure for economy runs at the national convention and regional CORSA events. Copies of documents are available in electronic form on the CORSA website. From the menu to the left, click on “Documents” and then click on “Event Rules and Procs”. There you will find all of CORSA’s rules for conducting and administering convention events.


The 2018 CORSA convention in Pittsburgh, July 23 – 28, is hosted by the Western Pennsylvania Corvair Club. Visit the WPCC Convention web page for hotel reservations, event scheduling and other convention information. Anyone can attend the Convention and register at the host hotel. Beginning in March, CORSA Members can also preregister for events, vender space, the banquet, etc. from the Corsa Convention web page.


CORSA Classifieds Work!

Here’s a testimonial from Hugh Fowler. He recently sold his 1961 Rampside and 1965 Corvair Convertible using our online Classified Ad pages.

I put two ads online without pictures. For a while, the ad got a fairly high number of hits but no calls or emails. Then I had a hit on the Rampside with a request for pictures. And after that, I received a hit on the 65 convertible. I sent the pictures as requested.

Instantly, a buyer from California came to see the convertible and bought it on the spot. Later, a buyer from Louisiana arrived and bought the Rampy. Both paid asking price. There were other callers, too, but these two were first in line.

The moral of the story is to post pictures for quick action, especially if you have top notch vehicles. One added thing. I no longer have any roadable Corvairs but do have a huge collection of literature, including a copy of Richard Finch's “Keep Your Corvair Alive” autographed by the author. Interested? 

Hugh Fowler
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Corsa Communique Preview


covCC40 1


Preview of
Jan/Feb 2018
Corsa Communique


monzaJr ttl


This is a story of dreams. Dreams which could have altered Chevrolet history and perhaps extended the Corvair's life. Of dreams cherished by thousands of children to own one of the most beautiful automotive shapes ever created. And dreams of daring men who pushed that sensuous shape over 150 miles per hour. The dream appeared small, only a bit over seven feet long with just three and a half horsepower. But the impact of the Monza Junior was so great that the intrinsic role it played in Chevy sales promotion outlasted the full size Corvair by four years. Despite Chevrolet's efforts to castrate the Monza Junior as a Corvair in 1967 and disguise it in a Chevy Junior suit, the form was just as alluring. Today the uninitiated imagine the shape to be a Corvette, but in reality any lines the Juniors may have shared with Corvettes were coincidental…the little Juniors were Corvairs! . . .
Members can read more in the new Corsa Communique.

racer ttlracer

While I know there are many within CORSA who appreciate racing and its coverage in the Communique, others not so much. It is the author's perception that most CORSA members think Corvair racing only began at some vague time before CORSA itself was created, probably with the creation of the Yenko Stingers in 1966. This is not true. Some of the following information seems vague or insufficient. This is primarily because the original sources of the information are also vague and insufficient. Contemporary writers were writing for a wider community than Corvair people. Coverage was in proportion to Corvair racing success and to some degree, the interests of the writers. With this article, I have pretty much exhausted my Corvair racing knowledge and resources. So, to the best of my ability, the following is the early history of Corvairs in road racing. I hope you enjoy the enlightenment. The Corvair was introduced on October 2, 1959. Six weeks later it was being road raced. Within the next four months, it would be raced three more times. Remember, at that time in this country, there were few places to race sedans of any kind outside of NASCAR. . .
Members can read more in the new Corsa Communique.

Fuses or circuit breakers are almost always used to protect electrical circuits. This protection is from some kind of overload where the current draw becomes excessive and can cause a fire. What can cause such an overload? Most likely by a grounding of the hot side of the circuit. In a normal circuit this current is sent to the device via a wire and switch capable of handling the normal current needed to run the device. The current return path is via a ground wire, or in the case of automobiles, the chassis or body. So if somehow the wire from the battery or the device itself becomes grounded, then an excessive current will flow through this unwanted path and could cause anything from just an overheated condition to smoke and fire. In this situation, fuses and circuit breakers open the circuit to stop the flow of excessive current. Now let's consider a real-life situation on a Corvair where the owner wants to improve the stock headlights by installing improved lighting. There are two steps. . .
Members can read more in the new Corsa Communique.

The CORSA International Convention will be held in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania from Monday, July 23, through Saturday, July 28. Six big days! The extra day will give everyone the opportunity to enjoy all the events and venues. Pittsburgh, spelled with an "h," also known as the steel town, (for the many steel mills that the town once had), the city of bridges (over 446), the golden triangle (for the three rivers), and the city of champions (all major sport teams have at least five championships). The Western Pennsylvania Corvair Club welcomes "yinz to the burgh."

. . . Most all events will be held at the hotel or in its parking lots. With 460 rooms and over 700 parking spaces, plenty of room to stretch out, and only four miles from downtown. Trailer parking will also be at the hotel. It boasts three dining options and room service, full exercise room, indoor/outdoor pool, and is pet-friendly. Reservations can be made by calling the Hilton's reservation line, 800/222-8733, use code CCA for convention discount, or online at The rate is also good for three days before and after the convention to explore more of what western Pennsylvania has to offer. The site has a 12,000 square foot air conditioned "sports dome" that will house the indoor vending, the daytime hospitality room, and the model car contest. The outdoor swap spaces will be near the same location, along with the car wash area. . .
Members can read more in the new Corsa Communique.

news views

Not a member? For a sample copy of the Communique, click here, or better yet, join Corsa now for full access to the current issue, the entire archive of CORSA Communiques, as well as other publications.


Stock-Is... Now Online!

Beginning in January 1987, Larry Claypool (with the help of an occasional guest writer) published a wonderful series of Corvair restoration articles under the banner "Stock Is...". The articles appeared in nearly every issue of the CORSA Communique magazine for six consecutive years and covered an amazing amount of territory.

We now have an online index of all the "Stock Is..." articles that were published in the CORSA Communique magazine. The index lists the names of the articles and identifies the issues of the Communique where they can be found. Here is the web address for the index:…/public…/stock-is-index-of-articles

Naturally, an index isn't of any use unless you can read the articles. If you are a CORSA member, we have you covered because you can access the online Communique archives. Log on, open up the archives, and download the particular CORSA Communique of interest to you.Corvair_Interior


Museum Update!

The New Corvair Museum is open!

The Corvair Museum is up and running at its new location - 3635 US Route 36 East, Decatur, Illinois - in the same building as the famous Chevrolet Hall of Fame Museum.  We have 9,000 square feet of space at this facility all for ourselves.  And with so much footage, we're now able to display our entire collection to the public for the very first time. 

We now have photos of our exhibits in the new museum.  Click HERE to see them!



Convention Concours & More

Click HERE to download a PDF showing complete results of all the competitive activities at the 2017 CORSA Convention, namely the Concour d'Elegance, Rally, Economy Run, Autocross, Model Car Contest, Valve Cover Races and Car Display!

Wednesday at the Independence Convention was Concours day!  Every year, the judges endure tough conditions to get up close and score the entries.  Rain, heat, hot pavement, you name it, they get it done anyway.  And this year was no exc...  er...  Wait, what was this?  An overcast, gently breezy day in the 70s?  On a pleasant grassy slope?  That's right folks, the conditions were ideal this year for the entered Corvairs.  Owners could sit close by under shady trees while the judges made their way through the well turned out cars.  Spectators mingled and admired the nice variety of examples presented.  What a great day for the Concours!


G# Jim Allen, Peoria IL ’66 500 coupe, white 99.11
G Stephan Spence, Bossier City LA ’69 Monza coupe, white 98.15
G Clyde Jones, Everton AR ’66 Monza conv., red 98.07
G Gary Greenwood, Anderson SC ’65 Monza coupe, blue 97.08
G Barry Breaux, Metairie LA ’66 Corsa coupe, blue 96.92
G Marlene Passini, Warminster PA ’66 Monza conv., blue 96.46
G Ron Hirsch, Frankfort IL ’65 Corsa coupe, blue 96.42
S Kent Goddard, Manchester MO ’66 Corsa conv., red 95.62
S Ray Morales, Sunnyvale TX ’61 700 station wagon, blue 95.59
S Crawford Rose, Metairie LA ’60 Monza coupe, cream 95.23
S Philip Levering, Parker Ford PA ’65 Corsa conv., yellow 95.11
S Mike Hall, Pawnee IL ’62 Monza station wagon, gold 94.09
S Jerry Berger, Chicago IL ’67 Monza conv., red 93.50
S Burt Neuner, Rolling Meadows IL ’65 Monza coupe, bronze 93.04




G* Michael Kliethermes, Lees Summit MO ’65 Corsa coupe, red 98.62
G* Chris Shade, Hastings NE ’66 Stinger coupe, white 97.95
G* Gary Baxter, Owasso OK ’66 Monza coupe, blue 97.69
G* Jeffrey Moore, Rogersville MO ’65 Stinger coupe, blue 97.37
G* Vicki Cook, Springfield MO ’66 Corsa coupe, blue 97.28
G* Teresa Miller, Ash Grove MO ’65 Corsa coupe, orchid 96.33
G* Ed Halpin, Castle Rock CO ’67 Monza 4-door, silver/black 96.08
G* James Conway, Independence MO ’65 Corsa coupe, bronze 96.06
S Christel Espejo, Sherwood AR ’65 Monza conv., red 95.91
S Andrew Allen, Oak Park IL ’66 Corsa coupe, red 95.62
S Michael Boyle, Grand Prairie TX ’66 Monza conv., white 95.49
S Norbert Laubach, Keithsburg IL ’65 Corsa coupe, blue 95.40
S Mike Dawson, Belton MO ’61 700 station wagon, green 94.41
S Helen Moore, Lawson MO ’61 Rampside, red/white 94.19
S Eric Prosise, DeWitt IA ’65 Monza 4-door, blue 93.81
S Roger Byer, Lake Havasu City AZ ’63 Monza conv., blue 93.78
S Dan Mulligan, Irving TX ’65 Corsa conv., black 93.08
S Mike Seversin, Madison WI ’64 Sprint conv., silver 92.85
S Jonni Berkman, Brighton CO ’65 Corsa conv., red 92.11
S Philip Raker, Manning SC ’63 Greenbrier, gold/white 92.02
B Jeffrey Kamin, Oswego IL ’67 Monza coupe, cream 91.67
B Tom Wolcott, Lake Havasu City AZ ’64 Monza conv., blue 91.59
B Larry Eilenberger, Leawood KS ’66 Monza conv., red 91.28
B Jay Allen, Wichita KS ’64 Monza coupe, blue 91.22
B Dan Hill, Benton AR ’64 Monza coupe, red 91.18
B Chris Wiley, Nicholasville KY ’63 Spyder conv., red 91.17
B Dick Mickelson, Plymouth MN ’65 Monza 4-door, yellow 90.21
B Gary Jones, Smithville MO ’64 Monza coupe, purple 89.71
B Ray Sego, Saint Joseph MO ’64 Monza coupe, white 88.58
  Roger Ringelstetter, Sun Prairie WI ’62 Rampside, blue/white 87.70
  Dale Dewald, Hancock MI ’67 500 4-door, tan/cream 87.60

G-Gold, S-Silver, B-Bronze
*Elevated to Senior Division
#Mitchell Best of Show Award

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