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2020 Springfield Mini-Convention Postponed to 2021

2020 Springfield Mini-Convention Postponed to 2021

CORSA / CPF Mini-Convention Postponed to 2021.

Earlier, we found it necessary to postpone the CORSA International Convention at San Diego to next year.  That decision was announced here at the CORSA website.  Now, we must make a similar announcement.

Due to the unforeseen circumstances surrounding the COVID-19 situation, the June 17-21, 2020 CORSA/CPF Mini-Convention has been postponed and rescheduled for next year (see new dates below). All registration monies for this year's event will be returned, and the Crowne Plaza hotel has canceled everyone's reservation.

NEW DATES: MAY 19-23, 2021. Mark your calendars as we look forward to celebrating next year at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Springfield, Illinois, with the same exciting schedule of events.

CORSA/CPF President, Mike Hall

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