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Cast Your Vote!

CORSA Members - Regional Directors are now up for election in all three Divisions - East, Central and West.

This year, 2021, we have a number of candidates vying for positions on the CORSA / CPF Board of Directors.  And you can cast your votes right here, right now, on the CORSA website. Voting privileges are limited to CORSA members, of course.  Log-on with your CORSA user name and password and, using the website's navigation menu, go to "User Tools".  There, you will see a link to the "Director Election Ballot".  Click on it, read the instructions, and cast your vote!

If you prefer to use a mail-in ballot, click HERE, download the printer-friendly ballot form, print it, fill it out, and mail it to the CORSA office.  The form includes the mailing address.

Still too complicated?  Never fear!   A duplicate copy of the ballot will appear in the May issue of the CORSA Communique magazine!  This is a good alternative for those of you who receive hardcopies of the Communique by way of US Postal.

The voting period will close June 30.