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Autocross Rule Book Update

Updated CORSA Autocross Rulebook

We are pleased to announce the posting of the updated CORSA Autocross Rulebook. The purpose of the update is to recognize the Ted Trevor Award for the fastest V6/V8 drivers and to recognize the chapters and special interest groups that pay for the Ted Trevor, Donna Mae Mims and Don Yenko trophies. Aside from that, the rules remain unaffected.

However, the update presented an opportunity for us to create two related documents: (1) a tech inspection form and (2) a car classification checklist. Both should come in handy at our conventions.

The rulebook has always included tech rules, but as far as we can tell, we’ve never had a checklist form to make life easier for our tech inspection team. Of course, autocross participants are also encouraged to download and use them.

All three of these documents – the rule book, car class checklist, and tech inspection form – are now available for everybody on the CORSA website. To find them, go to and, using the navigation menu, follow this path: Documents > Policies & Procedures > CORSA Event Rules & Procs.   Or, if you have a smart phone, scan this handy QR code.

QR Code CORSA Rules

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