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CORSA Classifieds Work!

Here’s a testimonial from Hugh Fowler. He recently sold his 1961 Rampside and 1965 Corvair Convertible using our online Classified Ad pages.

I put two ads online without pictures. For a while, the ad got a fairly high number of hits but no calls or emails. Then I had a hit on the Rampside with a request for pictures. And after that, I received a hit on the 65 convertible. I sent the pictures as requested.

Instantly, a buyer from California came to see the convertible and bought it on the spot. Later, a buyer from Louisiana arrived and bought the Rampy. Both paid asking price. There were other callers, too, but these two were first in line.

The moral of the story is to post pictures for quick action, especially if you have top notch vehicles. One added thing. I no longer have any roadable Corvairs but do have a huge collection of literature, including a copy of Richard Finch's “Keep Your Corvair Alive” autographed by the author. Interested? 

Hugh Fowler
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