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June 2018
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Dem Bones title

While I was thinking about the theme of this article I remembered an old song about how the bones of the body are connected. Each one is a vital part of the whole. Okay, you say, but what does that have to do with Corvairs? It all started in October when some of us from Corvair Houston attended the annual Heritage Days.
Every one of the Corvair functions within the entire organization is an important part that makes the whole of CORSA a living body. The Heritage Days sponsored by our sister club North Texas Corvair Association is one part of the entire year’s total package. From the National Corvair Convention, down to the local club meeting each one has a share in keeping the Corvair present and real to us. Even others
not dedicated to the Corvair often give hardy thumbs up as we pass on the road. In the course of this writing and one to follow later I will showcase two of our Texas Corvair events.. . .
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convActivities titleThe CORSA Convention in Pittsburgh is the end of next month. Registration for the host hotel, The DoubleTree Hotel,in Greentree, Pennsylvania, and the registration for the convention events are filling up. We left you last month with a review of the week’s activities. Let us continue:.. . .

0utdoor Movie: The presentation is scheduled for late Wednesday night. Enjoy a classic car movie with some popcorn and friends under the stars.activities pic
Rally: This event will take you through some of the countryside of Pittsburgh. It will start and end at the hotel parking lot. We have strived to make it so that newcomers or first timers will be able to navigate the course and not get lost. For the experienced ralliers, this course was set up by a rally master who creates them for the AACA amongst other organizations. . . .
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Last issue, we previewed the formal tours and Wednesday's "on your own, self guided tour." This month we look at Thursday, July 26th, "on your own, self-guided tours." Starting at 10:00 am we will have a bus pick you up at the hotel and take you to the Strip District, the Cultural District, Downtown, and the Oakland areas of Pittsburgh. The bus will make hourly loops from the host hotel, the DoubleTree Hotel in Greentree, to these locations and back till the last service around 4:00pm.
Strip District: This area of town was and still is the area where the produce, fruits, vegetables and other staples come into Pittsburgh's warehouses. Now much has been converted to restaurants, shops, and multi-cultural vendors.

ThingsToDo picOakland Carnegie Museum of Natural History: From dinosaurs to mummies to some of the oldest taxidermy in the world. Collections of minerals and gems, ancient Egypt, geology and more.
John Heinz History Center: More than a museum with the history of the Steel City, it also has a separate space for the sports of Pittsburgh, and other collection of glass and tools.. . .Members can read more in the new Corsa Communique.

Orlando tile

SeaWorld Orlando is host of the Seven Seas Music Festival and Car Display which runs from February through April. On March 18, 2018, it was also host to
the Central Florida Corvair Association, thanks to the event coordinator W. Titus Stewart who arranged for the club to be prominently featured near the concert arena, as well as a mini display in the unique food vending area. In keeping with SeaWorld's theme, The Seven Seas spectators were treated to our version of the "C" as in Corvairs.. . .
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