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Articles about various Corvair 95 toys have appeared in the Corsa Communique, chapter newsletters and a variety of model enthusiast’s magazines. The last complete list was compiled by Dave Newell for CorvanAntics way back in 1981 and included 23 toys from eight manufacturers. Since then the list has grown substantially as  different versions of vintage toys have come to light and new manufacturers have entered the market. So the time has come for a update. This article identifies nineteen manufacturers with a fleet of almost 80 different toys... . .
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ConvenPre 1Double Tree

The most anticipated Corvair event of the year is just around the corner. Or should I say around the Golden Triangle? Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania is your host town for this year's CORSA International Corvair Convention. Like all the conventions, we will be having the required events, and then some additional fun events. This is a SIX-day convention, so make note of the days. Please remember you must be a current CORSA member, and be registered for each event to participate in the event.. . .
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Hey Yinz guys, (and gals), the convention is just ''rand the corner in da 'burgh. So redd em up 'nat. Pittsburghese  translation; Ladies and gentleman, the 2018 CORSA international Corvair convention is coming up in Pittsburgh and get your cars ready. One of the formal tours we are doing will be a dinner cruise on the Gateway Clipper Fleet on Tuesday, July 24th. We will board busses at the host hotel (Doubletree Hotel in Greentree) around 5:30 and be shuttled to Station Square where the boat launches from. The Princess will be our boat for the three-hour tour and dinner. The commander dinner buffet will consist of; rolls and butter, saute!ed chicken breast with bacon mustard cream sauce, garlic and rosemary roasted pork loin with jus lie, penne pasta with tomato basil sauce, traditional rice pilaf, baby carrots glazed with honey and brown sugar with pecans, mixed salad greens with accoutrements, apple pie with cinnamon whipped cream and caramel sauce.. . .Members can read more in the new Corsa Communique.


WhatIfVan The initial inspiration for the Corvair forward control light trucks can be traced back to the 1955 GMC L’Universelle Motorama concept vehicle. Powered by  Pontiac V-8 engine, it featured a front-wheel drive system based modified  Hydramatic transmission, allowing for a completely flat floor and low loading height. With its trim proportions, sturdy ladder frame and powerful drivetrain, it looked like a great seller in the making. Upper GM management was eager to put a production version of this vehicle on the market as soon as possible, perhaps by 1957.. . .
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