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CORSA Convention Highlights - Rally


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The Rally is a low key competition that provides an opportunity for teamwork as well as seeing the surrounding countryside.  At the annual convention, Convention Organizers plan a "Continental rally", in which traversing a course is judged on  elements such as time, speed, miliage and distance, as well as answers to questions about landmarks along the course. Each vehicle has at a minimum a driver and a navigator, the latter who reads a set of instructions and navigates the road course. The Rally is not a race; it evaluates only the ability of the team to follow the instructions. Speed and time are important only in context of adhering to the speeds given in the instructions and posted legal speeds.


Vehicles will be placed into various categories, which are (in a nutshell):

  • Primary - vehicles with only a driver and a single passenger (navigator).rally 2
  • Touring - vehicles with more than one passenger.
  • Non-Corvair - as the name suggestions for non-Corvair vehicles

The winning team has the lowest score. Penalty points are assigned for errors in following the rally instructions. For example: 

    -- One point for each 0.1 mile over or under the official mileage.
    -- One point for each second over or under the official time.
    -- 1200 points for failure to reach a checkpoint.
    -- 600 points for arriving at a checkpoint backwards, i.e., from the wrong direction.
    -- etc.

The Rally schedule at this year's Pittsburgh Convention is:

Thursday 7/26

  • Participants Meeting . . . . . . 8:00 am — 8:30 am
  • Rally . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .8:30 am — noon

You can download here the full CORSA Rally rules.

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The 2018 CORSA convention in Pittsburgh, July 23 – 28, is hosted by the Western Pennsylvania Corvair Club. Visit the WPCC Convention web page for hotel reservations, event scheduling and other convention information. Anyone can attend the Convention and register at the host hotel. Registration is now open to CORSA Members for tours, events, vender space, the banquet, etc, from the Corsa Convention web page.