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Corvair Newbies - A Giveaway Offer!

CORSA is providing a great incentive for new members to join our club. If you have never been a member of CORSA before, this is for you.

Between now and December 31, each new CORSA member will receive a free copy of Corvair Basics - a 190 page technical manual for anyone new to Corvairs or thinking about Corvair ownership. This book is a compendium of articles written by acknowledged experts and covering all aspects of Corvair repair, maintenance and restoration. This is an especially useful resource for anybody who is new to the Corvair hobby. Please allow four weeks for shipping.

We imagine that most of our existing members already have a copy of Corvair Basics, but for those of you who don’t, copies are available for purchase at the CORSA website. Visit and click on the "Merchandise" link for more information.

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