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CORSA Chapter Feather Flags!

As seen at the CORSA Convention in Independence, CORSA Chapter feather flags are now available!  These are just the thing for getting you and your Corvair buddies noticed when you show up at car shows and cruises!  This is a one-time offer that expires August 31, 2017, so order one for your chapter today.  All of the orders will be batched and processed on or about August 31 to save costs and keep the prices low.  Click on the order form shown here, print it out, and send it to Inkorporated Designs!

Feather Flag order form
Use this form to order a feather flag for your chapter! (Click on it for the full-size image).
Feather Flag prototype
Photo of prototype CORSA chapter flag. Your flag will include your chapter name. Yes, they're BIG!


  • Allan V Lacki
    Allan V Lacki Wednesday, 02 August 2017 16:09 Comment Link

    Hi Ron, We'd like to be able to accommodate special requests, but the pricing is based on the standard layout shown in the pictures above. If you'd like options, you're certainly welcome to contact the vendor directly. Their name is Inkorporated Designs and their phone number is (217) 965-4653. They also have an information Facebook page where you can read all about their work. I hope this helps.

  • Ron Byers
    Ron Byers Tuesday, 01 August 2017 16:30 Comment Link

    I like the idea of displaying the feather flag, but we want our local club name and logo to be prominent. Are there any options for changing the logo or, for that matter, the color?

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