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Communique Submission Information

Do you have a story to tell?  Tech tips to share?  Historical information about Corvairs?  If so, write an article and send it to Don Keefe, our Executive Editor.  And be sure to include any photos or graphics you may have about your topic.

You may be wondering how to go about this.  Here is some advice from Don:

As for the text of your article, please prepare it using MS Word or Open Office text processing software, attach the resulting DOC or ODT file to an email, and send it to me.  My email address is This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  As an alternative, you can paste the text of your article into the body of the email, but if you do so, you will likely lose things like italics and other font-type modifications.

As for photos or other graphics, I prefer camera files in their highest resolution uploaded to a Google Drive or Dropbox folder.  It is best if the size is 3,000 pixels wide or better, preferably in jpg or tiff formats.  The objective is to have high-resolution images that show up crisp and clear when the Communique comes off the printing press.

As for any editing or "resizing" your image files, don't do it.  I have an editing regimen that needs to be followed and any modifications made before I get the photos generally means that they will not be usable.

If you don't have either a Google Drive or Dropbox folder, they are free to open one and usually can hold 15 GB before any charges are incurred.  I cannot imagine that you will use even half of that for the entire year.

If you have any questions, please free to call me at 585-489-9826.

Executive Editor
CORSA Communique

We can't guarantee that we'll publish each and every article that we receive, especially if the topic has already been addressed in previous issues of the Communique.  Naturally, the content of the article must be suitable.  But give it a shot and see!


Discussion Boards

The Corvair Community benefits from a solid network of parts suppliers, repair shops, local and international clubs, and online message boards.  Through this section we hope you will find a way to plugin and ultimately meet Corvair Enthusiasts in your area.


Corvair Center

Owner/Administrator: The San Diego Corvair Club - Royce Hildreth

Description: Started in 1995, Corvair Center features a single list, forum style format.




Corvair Forum

Owner/Administrator: Scott Howey

Description:  Started in 2009, Corvair Forum features a segregated, forum style forrmat




Fast Vairs

Owner/Administrator:Steve Wren

Description:  Started in 1999, Fast Vairs is dedicated to high performance discussions.
Using Yahoo Groups, it offers email list and forum style format.




Virtual Vairs

Owner/Administrator: Virtual Vairs - Dennis Pleau

Description:  Started in 1992, Virtual Vairs features an email list style forrmat.




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Corvairs on Facebook


There are many Facebook pages and groups for Corvair enthusiasts.
Here are brief descriptions and links to some of the more popular ones.

Corsa FB pageCORSA Facebook Page

The CORSA Facebook Page presents news and other information from the CORSA organization to followers. The public is welcome to contribute posts as guests.

~1800 followers as of Jan, 2018


Corvair Preservation Foundation


The Corvair Preservation Foundation  group presents photos, videos, and stories of significant historical Corvair cars, artifacts/memorabilia, museum displays, new discoveries/donations, and tales about the former makers of this one-of-a-kind vehicle. .Administrator - Eva McGuire

~ 1300 members as of Jan, 2018


Corvair Owners Group (C.O.G.)

The C.O.G. was established in 2001 by Allen Amrine and has the largest membership of all Corvair- Facebook pages. More than just a an Internet Group, the C.O.G. has also helped organize and finance meets, races and research.

 - over 8000 members as of Jan, 2018


Corvair Trader

As the stream of classified ads on the C.O.G. ballooned, the Corvair Trader group was established in 2014 by Allen Amrine to provides an ebay-free site where Corvair part, vehicles, and paraphernalia could be bartered.

 ~4200 members as of Jan, 2018


Corvair Chat, Buy & Sell

Corvair Chat, Buy & Sell is a recently formed facebook group also where people can sell and purchase corvair parts.

 ~450 members as of Jan, 2018


Corvair Racer

Established in 2013 for Corvair racing enthusiasts, members of the Corvair Racer Facebook group can post pictures, videos, tech questions and answers, classified, and share racing stories. Also founded by Allen Amrine.

 - Just under 2000 members as of Jan, 2018.

V8 Vairs

Vintage Corvair Models (Toys)

Corvair 95 / 8-door Registry

Corvair 95 / Loadside Registry

There are also other smaller FB groups serving Corvair special interests.
And don't forget that many CORSA Chapters have their own Facebook groups

Corsa Tech Article Search

As a service to CORSA members and nonmembers, you can now search a vast collection of technical articles from CORSA's archive of Communique magazines and earlier CORSA publications, as well as newsletters from several CORSA chapters. The search results provide hyperlinks to the original publications. For access to Communique magazines, you need to be a CORSA member and log-in to this website. Then, click on the hyperlink of your choice and our website will download the magazine for you. Access to CORSA's earlier publications and chapter newsletters is unrestricted; the hyperlinks will work even if you are not a CORSA member. Please bear in mind that some of the technical information found in these documents may be out of date or have errors, so neither the original authors nor CORSA assume responsibility for the accuracy of the information.

Not a member of CORSA? Please consider joining CORSA to help support this and other projects and activities, receive many other benefits of membership, and have full access to all archived Communiques.

These tech article series can be viewed by selecting the series name from the Topic list:
Stock Is . . . by Larry Claypool The Finish Line by Dick Spring
Solo Is . . . by Warren LeVeque Preventative Maintenance Series by Michael Dawson
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Older Corsa Publications

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🚗 CORSA Preliminary Newsletters - 1969-70
🚗 Corvair Club of America Newsletters - 1965-66
🚗 Chevrolet Corvair Communiqués - 1963-66

Chapter Publications

CorvanAntics (Corvanatics) 1972-2017
Other Club Newsletters

🚗 Cool Air (Air 'Vair Group) 2005-09
🚗 On The Air (AR Corvair Club) 2002-17
🚗 VairCor (Heart of Amer Corvair Club) 2008-18

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