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Event Rules & Procs

Event Rules & Procedures - These are rule books and procedures for conducting CORSA Conventions and other CORSA-sanctioned events.  The rule books are oriented toward event participants.  The procedures are oriented toward event coordinators.

Autocross Insurance Requirements
Concours d'Elegance Rules
Concours d'Elegance Judging Sheets: Cars
Concours d'Elegance Judging Sheets: Pickups
Concours d'Elegance Judging Sheets: Vans
Edward N. Cole Memorial Award Rules
Model Car Concours Rules


# New Economy Run Rulebook & Operating ProcedureAllan V Lacki 2018-01-25 14:15
On January 15, 2018, the CORSA Competition Chair and CORSA Board approved a revised Economy Run Rulebook and Economy Run Operating Procedure. Both documents are available here, on this CORSA web page.

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