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Corvair Decade

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Corvair Decade

Corvair Decade by Tony Fiore.

Corvair Decade is the definitive book on the Corvair.  It is a hardbound coffee table book, one you can be proud to own and display.

Author Tony Fiore bought his first Corvair in 1960 and became an enthusiast for life.  One of the founding members and early Presidents of the Corvair Society of America (CORSA), Tony writes an authoritative and entertaining account about the unique Corvair.  His passion is evident in every page of this comprehensive chronology.

Corvair Decade has 144 pages chock full of photos, ads, charts, tables and color plates. It chronicles the history of the Corvair, year by year.  It also has plenty of information about the Corvair's early development, including prototypes and Corvair-based show cars.

Corvair Decade also honors Edward Cole, the father of the Corvair, by explaining Ed's enthusiastic engineering philosophy which ultimately took him to the top of GM.

You will be a true Corvair expert after digesting this book and keeping it handy for reference.

Your purchase helps to support CORSA financially as we work to support Corvair enthusiasts world-wide.

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