Corvairs on Facebook


There are many Facebook pages and groups for Corvair enthusiasts.
Here are brief descriptions and links to some of the more popular ones.

Corsa FB pageCORSA Facebook Page

The CORSA Facebook Page presents news and other information from the CORSA organization to followers. The public is welcome to contribute posts as guests.


Corvair Preservation Foundation


The Corvair Preservation Foundation  group presents photos, videos, and stories of significant historical Corvair cars, artifacts/memorabilia, museum displays, new discoveries/donations, and tales about the former makers of this one-of-a-kind vehicle. .Administrator - Eva McGuire


Corvair Owners Group (C.O.G.)

The C.O.G. was established in 2001 by Allen Amrine and has the largest membership of all Corvair- Facebook pages. More than just a an Internet Group, the C.O.G. has also helped organize and finance meets, races and research.


Corvair Trader

As the stream of classified ads on the C.O.G. ballooned, the Corvair Trader group was established in 2014 by Allen Amrine to provides an ebay-free site where Corvair part, vehicles, and paraphernalia could be bartered.


Corvair Chat, Buy & Sell

Corvair Chat, Buy & Sell is a recently formed facebook group also where people can sell and purchase corvair parts.


Corvair Racer

Established in 2013 for Corvair racing enthusiasts, members of the Corvair Racer Facebook group can post pictures, videos, tech questions and answers, classified, and share racing stories. Also founded by Allen Amrine.

 Corvair Stuff header photo

Corvair Stuff

All things Corvair ! Chat , discuss , buy -sell -trade , tech tips and swap recipes. This site is for members who can take a joke and respect straightforward communications.

There are also other smaller FB groups serving Corvair special interests, including...

V8 Vairs

Vintage Corvair Models (Toys)

Corvair 95 / 8-door Registry

Corvair 95 / Loadside Registry

And don't forget that many CORSA Chapters have their own Facebook groups