corvair lineup with earlies

Apparel, Books & More!

Interested in purchasing CORSA merchandise?   You've come to the right spot! 

CORSA is proud to announce we have entered into an arrangement with Silkworm, Inc. to handle the sale of CORSA merchandise.  Founded in 1981 by Bob Chambers, Silkworm is a leader in custom graphic design, promotional products, embroidered apparel, banners, signage, awards, and of course, printed t-shirts.  This means lower overhead costs for CORSA and better choices for you.

Click HERE to visit our Corvair Merchandise Store on the Silkworm website!

When you arrive, you'll see that you can purchase items as a guest or open your own account.  Either way is fine, but if you want to open an account with Silkworm, you'll need to establish a username and password.  

Note to CORSA Members:  There's nothing stopping you from using the same username and password that you use for logging into the CORSA site.