You Shop at Amazon. Amazon Gives to CPF!

by Rod Murray, Western Pennsylvania Corvair Club

Hello Chapter Members & fellow Corvair Enthusiasts,

I want to pass along some important information for anyone who uses Amazon for their online shopping. Did you know that Amazon offers a charitable program that donates money from every sale back to designated 501c3 charity groups? It's true, it's easy to use, and it's no cost to you! It's called Amazon Smile, and it works just like Amazon, but uses a different access link and only requires users to designate their select charity.

The link is if you want to take a look and/or pre-load your designated charity...may I suggest Corvair's own 501c3 non-profit arm, the CORVAIR PRESERVATION FOUNDATION?!

To be fair, Amazon Smile's donation of .5% for every sale may seem small, but every penny adds up, and the greater the level of participation, the greater the value to the CPF!

So far, this opportunity to help raise a few much-needed dollars for the CPF has been only lightly-promoted but I don't expect that to last. I encourage chapter officers, webmasters, and newsletter editors to actively promote Amazon Smile within your respective groups. And be sure to share with your family and friends. Again, every penny adds up, and this is an opportunity to do some good for the Corvair Preservation Foundation.