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Corvair Museum Featured

The Corvair Preservation Fund Museum has moved to a new location!

We moved our exhibits from the Ypsilanti Automotive Heritage Museum to the Chevrolet Hall Of Fame Museum located at 3635 US Route 36 East, Decatur, Illinois.  If all goes according to plan, we'll be renting 9,000 square feet of space at this facility, all for ourselves in a separate wing of the premises.  And with so much footage, we'll be able to display our entire collection for the very first time.

This will be a big step for the Corvair Preservation Foundation.  In the past, we relied on the generosity of other organizations to lend space to us as filler for their own collections.  Now, if the rental deal goes through, we will have a permanent home backed by formal agreement that will provide dedicated space, all for ourselves.  We will truly have a real "Corvair Museum".

Exhibits at the Corvair Museum include vehicles, mechanical displays, literature and artwork.  We rely solely on donations made by people like you.  If you would like to establish an formal endowment account for the Corvair Museum, please contact our Executive Secretary Harry Jensen at (630) 403-5010 or email him at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  Alternatively, you can make a secure online donation to the CPF Museum Facility Fund by clicking HERE to support this worthwhile endeavor!

The Corvair Museum, archives, and exhibits are maintained by the Corvair Preservation Foundation, a non-profit affiliate of the Corvair Society of America.  Shown below are just a few of the artifacts in our collection.

Super Monza YAHC Corvairs
The Super Monza is a 1960 700 coupe which was made into a prototype Monza by GM Styling Vice President Bill Mitchell.  Mechanically stock, GM Styling added a sunroof, special exterior trim and a custom interior.  After its debut in the 1960 New York Auto Show and on the cover of Motor Trend, it was acquired by private owners until it was obtained in 1986 for eventual restoration by the CPF. The Corvair Museum has four Corvairs on display:
  • 1960 sedan
  • 1963 convertible
  • 1969 coupe
  • 1969 convertible (on loan)
Several of the Corvair exhibits from our previous location have been set up, but many items are still in storage.
Artwork Cutaway Transaxle
A variety of artwork and posters are on display at the museum. Transaxle Cutaway: It is often difficult to visualize how an engine or transmission looks inside after the vehicle is assembled.  This complete cutaway drive train assembly, was built by the Chevrolet Show and Display Department.  These assemblies include the transaxle, rear suspension, wheels, and tires in addition to a turbocharged Corvair engine, all enclosed in a Plexiglass display case.  The moving parts are driven by hidden electric motors.
Canadair Engine Prototype
Canadair Military Engine:  Among other features, this purpose-built Corvair power plant has a special distributor and oil filter system and a belt-driven hydraulic steering pump.  Recently located in storage at the Tonawanda, NY Corvair engine plant, it has been cosmetically restored by GM Powertrain (with thanks to Ron Bluhm) and loaned to the Corvair Museum. These are color reproductions of prototype Corvair and emblem designs by GM designers.  The emblem design displays also include some prototype emblems that were hand-crafted from brass, plated, and hand-painted.