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Corsa Convention Highlights - Economy Run

fuelGaugeThe CORSA International Convention includes a variety of events for owners to show off and drive their Corvairs. One of these is the Economy Run, a race for the best fuel mileage. Following an on-street course, drivers endeavor to get the best possible fuel mileage under actual road conditions. It is a test of both the vehicle and driver, encouraging safe and economical driving skill, and a fun opportunity for both seasoned and novice Corvair drivers. Starting the run with full fuel tank, the vehicle is driven a known distance over public roads and then the volume of gas needed to refill the tank is measured. The goal is to achieve the highest MPG within a vehicle category. What Fun!!

Want to know more? CORSA is happy to announce the availability of a new rulebook and operating procedure for economy runs at the national convention and regional CORSA events. Copies of documents are available in electronic form on the CORSA website. From the menu to the left, click on “Documents” and then click on “Event Rules and Procs”. There you will find all of CORSA’s rules for conducting and administering convention events.


The 2018 CORSA convention in Pittsburgh, July 23 – 28, is hosted by the Western Pennsylvania Corvair Club. Visit the WPCC Convention web page for hotel reservations, event scheduling and other convention information. Anyone can attend the Convention and register at the host hotel. Beginning in March, CORSA Members can also preregister for events, vender space, the banquet, etc. from the Corsa Convention web page.

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