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Communique Display Ads

Advertising Rates and Terms

Single Insertion
Six Months
Full page
1/2 page
1/3 page
1/4 page
1/6 page
1/8 page

Six month rate is a discount for prepaid space reservation in consecutive issues or alternating issues during a one-year period. It effectively gives a 1/6 discount for regular patronage. Ad shape or content may be changed monthly. Inquire about special positions, covers, or color.

Specifications: Basic display rates assume camera-ready copy: typeset, art in place. Halftone screens no finer than 133 line. Negatives ready for stripping give best reproduction quality; RC slicks and pasteups are also acceptable. Actual published sizes as follows (in inches, width x height):

Full page
7-1/2 x 9-7/8
1/2 page
3-9/16 x 9-7/8
4-7/8 x 7-1/8
7-1/2 x 4-3/4
1/3 page
3-9/16 x 6-3/8
4-7/8 x 4-3/4
2-5/16 x 9-7/8
1/4 page
3-9/16 x 4-3/4
4-7/8 x 3-9/16
7-1/2 x 2-3/8
1/6 page
3-9/16 x 3-1/16
4-7/8 x 2-1/4
2-5/16 x 4-3/4
1/8 page
3-9/16 x 2-1/4
4-7/8 x 1-11/16
2-5/16 x 3-9/16

Not all sizes fit in all sections of the magazine. lf you have a preference, match ad size to column width or inquire regarding limitations. If copy is not camera ready, we will compose and set from typed copy and supplied art. There is no charge for regular accounts. Send sketch of ad for price quote on layout.

Deadlines: Published monthly for delivery about the first day of issue month. Deadline for commercial ads is the first day of preceding month, i.e., February 1 for March issue.

Billing: Full payment must accompany each ad, unless other arrangements are made. Space and production costs must be paid before ad is published. Make checks payable to Corvair Society of America.

Effective January 2005

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